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13th GSF Poster Competition

Every year SPEED organizes Poster Competition for participants on various amazing topics...

13th Global Student Forum 2017

The Global Student Forum (GSF) is a global conference organized by SPEED which draws academicians, representatives...

Upcoming Regional Forums-2017

We are very excited to invite you to our upcoming regional forums in Africa, Asia, and Latin America! Yes! You read that...


13th GSF Poster Competition

Every year SPEED organizes Poster Competition for partcipants on various amazing topics....

13th Global Student Forum 2017

The Global Student Forum (GSF) is a global conference organized by SPEED which draws academicians, representatives...

Upcoming Regional Forums

We are very excited to invite you to our upcoming regional forums in Africa, Asia, and Latin America! Yes! You read that...

SPEED is a global, non-profit student organization that functions as an interdisciplinary network of engineering students, who aspire to provide opinion and create an impact on future development of engineering education and its effect on society and environment.
Executive Committee

Avneet Hiramore_vert


Avneet Hira close


I am a doctoral student in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. My research includes K-12 education and first year engineering in light of the engineering design process, and the educational potential of digital fabrication labs. My current work is inspired by my ideology to make engineering and its education more just, by upholding ideals of equity and access. I have earned a B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering from PEC University of Technology, and an M.S. in Aerospace Systems Engineering from Purdue University. As an aerospace engineering student, I have worked on building aero-models, theoretical unsteady aerodynamics (Micro-aerial vehicles and wind turbines), and airspace systems navigation for flying cars.

Javier Canomore_vert

President Elect

Javier Canoclose


Javier Cano has been an active SPEED member since 2013, and has attended the WEEF conference since 2013 in Cartagena, Colombia. He has been the SPEED Vice-President for Finance since 2014, served as the Co-Chair last year in Seoul, as the Chair of the Global Student Forum this year in Kuala Lumpur and as the President elect of SPEED and VP of Students Affairs in IFEES. In the present day, Javier is the longest standing member of the SPEED executive committee, and has served as an active and thoughtful student leader in most student-lead engineering education initiatives under the SPEED-WEEF-GEDC umbrella, including several fruitful partnerships with industrial and professional organizations, launching new student initiatives in at least 8 new countries, and sharing and acting upon a vision for the future of student-lead engineering education initiatives. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from the University Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito in Bogotá, Colombia, and is preparing to work on his Master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany. Javier’s time away from school and SPEED is spent working on his social entrepreneurial venture called the JADA Foundation (Fundación Internacional para el Desarrollo de la Educación y Cultura de la mano de la Tecnología). The JADA foundation works with low-socioeconomic status and indigenous communities in Colombia to provide them with educational opportunities via accessible technology while preserving their culture. With all his work and alongside others, Javier aims to provide educational tools and resources to people who need them the most.

Nadhihah Jaafarmore_vert

VP - Member Relations

Nadhihah Jaafarclose


Nadhihah Jaafar is currently in her final year of her bachelors degree, majoring in Chemical Process Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Previously she was part of the organizing team for 13th GSF 2017 that was held in Kuala Lumpur, taking the role as a relations officer. Any topics related to energy and environment will definitely pique her interest as her future aspiration is to be involved the development of renewable energy that are sustainable and environmentally conscious. She believes that the best way to find a solution towards regional problems is to eat, live and breathe with the local community, therefore she has been actively participating in several local and international projects as well as volunteering programs in order to be more culturally aware and broaden her perspectives from different angle, thus enabling her to explore more effective approaches to current issues. As part of the executive committee of SPEED, her goals are to bring forth a more structured workflow in the team, increase the public outreach of SPEED through various youth platforms and create sustainability within the members of SPEED

Ximena Velandiamore_vert

VP - Partner Organizations

Ximena Velandiaclose


Ximena Velandia is a civil engineering, actually she is a postgraduate student roads and transport engineering at National University of Colombia from Bogotá and part of SPEED since 2013, she has worked as Internal Affairs Officer (2015), Vice President of Partner Organizations (2016 and 2017), most of this time she has focused on making SPEED and GSF known in Latin America. Also she has led engineering education topics from the student perspective at the Colombian Association of Engineering Faculties (ACOFI) and in her university. This has led her to conduct annually since 2014 the Colombian Forum of Engineering Students (FCEI) and to create a student chapter in engineering education in Colombia. Ximena have as purpose is to ensure that the participation of students in engineering education in the world is very active and that it really has an impact on the decision-makers.

Azeez Mohideenmore_vert

VP - Administration

Azeez Mohideenclose


Azeez Mohideen Mohamed Nazeer is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering degree at PSG College of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India. He is passionate about engineering education and he cares a lot about reach of enhanced education, learning and teaching innovation and alleviation of poverty in the society. He never gives up his dreams for the illusion of security and false notion. He is a musicaholic, loves to travel, explore different cultures and stay connected with people lively & socially. He sees himself as a team player, speaker, presenter and leader who is technical, analytical and critical as well.

Felipe Gomez Gallomore_vert

VP - Educational Content

Felipe Gomez Galloclose


Felipe Gómez Gallo is an Environmental and Civil Engineering student with a minor in Biodiversity studies and Environmental science at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Originally from Cartagena (9th GSF flashbacks start rolling) and with a great interest in environmental sustainability, coastal preservation, water resources management, waste management and EDUCATION. He has been a member of SPEED since 2015 as a participant of the 11th GSF in Florence and working as an Ed. Content officer and later as a facilitator for the 12th GSF in Seoul. He served as the president of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Chapter of Uniandes (CIAM) for two years and presently, he serves as the 2017 Civil and Environmental student representative at the Student Council at Uniandes. Since his election as the new Education Content Vice-President, he has expressed how motivated he is on creating a great 13th GSF in Kuala Lumpur. Finally, he is a self-proclaimed foodie and cinephile.

Kithinji Muriungimore_vert

VP - Industry Relations

Kithinji Muriungiclose


Kithinji Muriungi is currently a 4th Year pursuing Bachelors of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) from Moi University, Kenya. He is a strong advocate for humanity advancement through education. He is much involved in community through voluntary services that brings his ingenuity and engineering in practice. He champions for academic excellence, transformative leadership, giving back to society, and promoting social morals.During his time in SPEED, he has involved himself in many other projects both globally and locally; like CuriousQuest, which is an international program that champions for education in primary schools. His interests focus on professionalism, social transformation, and human advancement through technology. Despite him being a mentor and a chaperone in Wings to Fly in MasterCard Foundation, he also serves as the IEEE Ambassador in Kenya Section and Interim Chair of IEEE Moi University Chapter.

Kelvin Kipronomore_vert

Regional VP - Africa

Kelvin Kipronoclose


I am Kelvin Kiprono, aged 20 and am from Kenya. I am an undergraduate student engineer, pursuing Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering at Moi University in Kenya. I have been working with SPEED for about six months now and it has been such a wonderful and enlightening experience. I believe in positive change especially in things that have great effect to the society that we live in and I also believe in teamwork with a safe space and SPEED brings these aspects together in ways you can never imagine, that is the main reason why I joined SPEED and became the Vice President SPEED-AFRICA. I want to create a “Squad” of student engineers across Africa that will have Engineering, SPEED and positive motive to bring change to Africa and to the world as a whole. I am smart, hardworking, a team player, cooperative, diligent, focused and I always give my best no matter how small a situation may be. I hope with all this I will be able to achieve all that I have planned for Africa and the world. “AFRICA NEEDS SPEED AND SPEED NEEDS AFRICA.”

Akshay Yadavmore_vert

Regional VP - Asia

Akshay Yadavclose


Akshay Yadav is currently pursuing his B.tech in Computer Science and engineering, from ITM Vocational University, Gujarat, India. He has been with SPEED since 2015, and he is currently assigned as the Vice-President of SPEED-ASIA, he also served as the Facilitator for SPEED-India in 2016. He is a programmer with history of productivity and successful project outcomes, and is very keen towards innovative projects and models. He loves to work with the like-minded people and as a result comes with great outcomes. He loves to explore and communicate and is punctual on given task. He loves what he does what he is, also he is a published writer and presenter, and he loves to convey information with clarity and enthusiasm. He is a confident personality with infectious passion for technology and innovation.

Samuel Filgueiramore_vert

VP- Finance

Samuel Filgueira close


His major is Mechanical Engineering and he is currently studying at Federal University of Campina Grande.He was an exchange student through the Brazilian Science Mobility Program, with fully funded scholarshipat Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute of Technology) from August 2014 to April 2015.In summer 2015, he worked at Yale University (New Haven, CT) as Visiting Student in Research where hecould fabricate and design artificial micro microstructures made of liquid metal and responsible forapplying techniques of processing Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG) samples. At his home University, he hadbeen doing a research whereby he could run tensile tests on carbon fiber-reinforced polymer specimensand compare those results with ASTM mechanical tests, analyzing possible applications for aeronauticfield. He is also a former Aero Design member, responsible for the modeling of the wing longeron, and structural analysis, when he contributed to developing unmanned small-scale aircrafts addressed to national SAE competitions. He is currently doing his Capstone Project, which is based on the application of System Level Simulation through Simulink/Simscape Driveline software. He has a strong interest in mechanical integration and its elements.

Sarmad Ahmedmore_vert

Regional VP - Europe

Sarmad Ahmedclose


Sarmad Ahmed is a doctoral student in the institute of Networked and Embedded Systems (NES) at Alpen-Adria University, Kalgenfurt, Austria. His research interests include RF/Antenna designing and wireless communication systems. Moreover, his current work is on the localization in the massive MIMO system using EM lens. He is keen to develop engineering education platforms and strengthen the engineering students research capabilities. After completing the BS in Telecommunication Engineering from FAST-NUCES University, Pakistan, he received masters degree in Electronics Engineering from Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Camila Ornellamore_vert

Regional VP - Latin America

Camila Ornellaclose


Camila Ornella Garcia is an undergraduate student in chemical engineering at Universidad Nacional de Tucumán in Argentina. She worked as relations officer in 2015 and then as relations chair in 2016. She enjoys traveling, meeting people and learning about the culture and the History of the place she visit. As the Vice President of Latin America, she would like to create a SPEED Latin America network in order to unite Latin America in voice and strength to work for the development of engineering education and to fulfill the millennium goals in the region through the promotion of social, environmental and ethical responsibility of engineering with society.

Allison Loughermore_vert

Regional VP - NA

Allison Lougherclose


Allison Loughner is an Agricultural Engineering Student from the United States who is currently studying at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana. She has been working with SPEED since Spring of 2016 and has participated in the 1st Purdue Student Forum, as well as facilitated the 1st African Student Forum for Engineering Education in Bloemfontein, South Africa. As part of the executive team, she hopes to advance the message of SPEED on the campus of Purdue, as well as unite interested students from across North America.


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