Global Student Forum

The Global Student Forum (GSF) is a global conference organized by SPEED which draws academicians, representatives from government bodies, industry & non-profit organizations, and an increasing number of students from all around the world to discuss issues pertinent to the Engineering Education system.Through this week long event, students will be a part of an international experience, submerged in the atmosphere of cross-cultural communication and creative thinking.

Theme:Sustainability Full Spectrum Green Engineering & Beyond

The engineers of today are facing new challenges every day. With increasing population and depletion of previously accessible resources, sustainability has become a priority in the global agenda.
As issues pertaining to the environment now rub shoulders with economic concerns, the enormous impact that society has on the environment merits shifting of mindsets in addition to technologies and policies.
Further, added constraints on funding and resources for engineers working in the area of sustainability, require engineers and budding engineers to devise innovative solutions to problems that can plague generations to follow.
The GSF this year will encourage and support participants to develop these innovative solutions, and also think critically and act purposefully to train a future generation of engineers that prioritize sustainability in their practices.


Clean Water and Sanitation

Action plans in this track will be aimed towards devising engineering strategies to improve drinking water quality, implementing sustainable sanitation, and wastewater treatment systems, in order to ensure accessible and clean water.


Responsible Consumption and Production

Action plans in this track will be aimed at creating and identifying strategies that promote responsible and efficient alternatives to consumption and production through rising awareness among consumers.


Affordable and Clean energy

Action plans in this track will be aimed at ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all, and increase the use of renewable sources using engineering education as a medium.


Sustainable Communities: Housing & Transportation

Action plans in this track will be aimed at creating practical and feasible solutions which can lead to increase in the sustainability of local communities at the same time being suitable for scaling up to global contexts

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Any current student interested in affecting change in the way engineering education is delivered is welcome in SPEED. We have had students at various stages in their academic careers: undergraduates, masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral studies.